Jan M Pmb City Hall

Oom Jan Mastenbroek


Welcome, I am Jan Mastenbroek, or just Oom Jan.

This beautiful country which we gave away in 1994, is no more.
The 17th best economy and the strongest military force in Africa has been reduced to junk status.
After the lockdown nothing of significance will be left over - chaos wil take over.
The ANC still oppresses Afrikaners with racist laws like RA and BEE.
We are murdered, our culture is destroyed, we are stolen from and cheated.

Why would Afrikaners and their cultural companions continue living under these circumstances?
What will become of our children - in 50 years the Afrikaner people will also be no more.
There is a demarcated area where 1.5 million Afrikaners already live and work.
According to International Rights, we can claim it as Afrikaner property.
Read the Menu Items above which briefly explain everything, read Cor Ehlers' book for further details and Google the area.
"Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, saith the Lord of hosts".